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Psycho (1960) review

Psycho (1960) review

A true classic? I’d never actually seen it until the ripe old age of 21. That’s right, I’d avoided the actual film whilst shamelessly recreating the famous shower scene noise as an invisible knife was stabbed in the back of a friend (who hasn’t?!). I’d watched the endless countdowns like ‘the 100 scariest films’ and seen the infamous scene multiple times. I’d even answered pub questions on the ‘classic’ (wrongly I might add…but still) and yet never seen what is often argued as Hitchcock’s greatest.

That recently all changed thanks to @skymovies and a ridiculously long Easter break provided by my uni. Even 53 years on (yes it really has been that long) you can understand why people love it so much and why they’ve made a film, on the making of the film [Hitchcock 2013]. Despite the shots being obviously out of date and a fall down the stairs leaving any film watcher in hysterics, you can’t help but be swept up by Hitchcock’s story telling ability and a twist that I didn’t even see coming! You really are left on the edge of your seat as the quiet Norman Bates and his unnervingly absent mother wreak havoc on unsuspecting guests of the Bates hotel. The violence implied within the film can actually be felt despite the fact it’s barely seen, the use of black and white adds to the tension, and the sound effects leave you longing for more as the highly anticipated ‘behind the curtain’ theme rings out and reminds you once again that you really are watching a true classic.

Psycho is always one to watch, even after you learn of the plot twist and it’s arguably Hitchcock’s greatest for a reason. Now to find North by Northwest, 1959, to be able to join the debate….

My Verdict: Watch it now!

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