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Crowdfunder and my Derek Jarman documentary part 2

Crowdfunder and my Derek Jarman documentary part 2

Okay, well it’s now just 7 days (1 week!) to go on my Crowdfunder campaign to complete a new documentary project on the extraordinary British film-maker (artist, gardener, set designer, writer and all-round talented creative genius) Derek Jarman.

The past 7 days (week 4 of 5) has seen things come on leaps and bounds. It was hugely inspiring to get a very handsome pledge from an actor who has worked with the likes of Tony Richardson, Ken Russell, Stanely Kubrick and Bill Douglas. This actor expressed a difficulty in negotiating the Crowdfunder website, though, and perhaps this is something Crowdfunder should take on board. Of course there were a number of pledges in the past week, which has meant the campaign is looking good – and a big, big thanks goes out to all the people who are responsible for those pledges.

In terms of my own activity in the past week, I have added an update to my Crowdfunder site, offering up a taster of the new documentary.

This is an offline, or rough-cut, of the ‘1 st commandment according to St Derek – on low-budget film-making’. This commandment runs for about 4-5 mins and is: ‘Remember the Home Movie and Always Keep Super 8 Holy’. I call it a an offline, or a rough-cut, as it still needs auto-conforming (having the original footage captured at the best possible quality); it needs final captions and graphics to be added; it needs grading (balancing out the quality of the shots, and/or slightly changing the colour quality of the shots); and, it needs sound mixing.

I have also emailed or texted people I hadn’t previously emailed; emailed or texted some people a second time – only those who showed an initial interest, of course. And, I’ve added updates to facebook and twitter, including links to my offline cut of the ‘1 st commandment…’ on Vimeo. I’ve also had a number of other people mention my Crowdfunder campaign on Twitter. Thanks to all the people, too.

But… I’m still not home and dry. I’m 80% of the way to my target, but have now contacted everyone I know and hit the email, facebook, texts and twitter trails ad infinitum, to the point of exhaustion! And… there are just 7 days left. So, at the risk of banging the same old drum, if anyone out there is interested in my project and would like to make a pledge, then please just go to my Crowdfunder campaign page

I can promise you’ll be supporting an exciting documentary project.

Fingers, toes (and everything else) crossed for the final week!

Andy Kimpton-Nye is an independent documentary producer/director and freelance promos producer specialising in film-related projects for 400blows Productions. Generally passionate about cinema across all eras and genres.

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