Death Wish Film Director Michael Winner Dies Aged 77

  • Film director Michael Winner died today aged 77.

    He made more than 30 films including the blockbuster Death Wish series for which movie fans will best remember him.

    He had been ill for some time and died at his home in London, where he was being cared for by his wife.


    In the 1960s Winner directed British comedy-thrillers like The Jokers (1966) and I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name (1967).

    After success with Hannibal Brooks (1969) Hollywood came calling leading Winner to direct Charles Bronson for the first time in the morally ambiguous western, Chato's Land (1971).

    In 1974 Winner worked with Bronson again in his probably best-known film, Death Wish. 

    Bronson played the liberal-turned-vigilante, Paul Kersey, whose character shocked many cinemagoers in 1970s by being judge, jury and executioner. 

    In that sense the Death Wish series, there were five between 1974 and 1993, struck a chord and were a product of their time. The fact that they became such a phenomenon was down to Winner's timing.  

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