Top 3 Family Movies for a Rainy Day

  • On a rainy day, there is nothing better to do than watch a movie with the family. It is the perfect environment for relaxing and enjoying an experience together. Brave, Despicable Me, and Monsters Inc. are all good options for a rainy day movie.  


    A Walt Disney production, Brave features the young and wild Princess Merida. Merida spends all her time practicing to be an archer and horseback rider. However, her mother does not believe that a proper princess should be engaging in these sorts of activities. Much to the chagrin of Merida, her mother wishes that she would marry a prince. Due to the forcefulness of her mother, Merida seeks a way to change her mother’s personality by employing the services of a witch. Furthermore, the witch’s solution ends up changing her mother for the worse. The film centers on Merida’s attempt to rectify the situation she created. 

    This film is unique in that it breaks the mold of the typical Disney princess. For the first time, children witness a princess that does not solely rely on natural beauty or the love of girlish things. A princess can do whatever she wishes without being constricted by stereotypes. 

    Despicable Me

    In Despicable Me, an evil mastermind, Gru, is planning one of the largest thefts ever to occur in the universe. Gru wants to steal the moon. Surrounded by his massive lair, secretly hidden beneath an ominously black house, Gru works to fulfill his heist. He has an army of minions to aid him and help add to the comedic nature of this film. When it comes to Gru’s evil plans, nobody can stand in the way of his freeze guns and shrink rays. 

    However, three orphaned girls manage to spark a new light in Gru. To the girls, Gru is somebody who could be their father. While Gru may seem evil to the rest of the world, the orphans encourage him to become a better man. 

    Despicable Me 2 came out in theaters July 2013. Be sure to add this movie to the rainy day list when it comes out on DVD. Perhaps watch the sequel when it comes out on network television with

    Monsters Inc.

    In Monsters Inc., Mike and Sulley are two lovable monsters that attempt to scare people for their screams. The screams are used as energy for Monstropolis, a human-less city of monsters. One day after Sulley is assigned a particular job, a 2-year-old child named Boo sneaks out of the human world and into Monstropolis. In order to save his and Mike’s career at Monsters Inc., the monster duo must get Boo home safely before anybody else sees. 

    While Monsters Inc. premiered in 2001, a prequel film called Monsters University was released in theaters June 2013. Monsters University explores how employees of Monsters Inc. learn to scare children for energy. The animated feature also details how Mike and Sulley were not always the best of friends. Ultimately, Monsters University focuses on how people can put aside their differences and work together as friends.

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